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I’ve looked in the windows at diamonds, / They’re beautiful, but they’re cold. I’ve seen Broadway stars in fur coats / That cost a fortune, so I’m told I guess I’d look nice in diamonds, / And sables might add to my charms, But if someone I don’t care for would buy them, / I’d rather have two loving arms. What good would the moon be, / Unless the right one shared it’s beams. What good would dreams come true be, / If love wasn’t in those dreams. And a primrose path, / What would be the fun Of walking down a path like that / Without the right one? What good would the night be / Without the right lips whispering low, Kiss me oh darling kiss me, / While evening stars still glow. No it won’t be a primrose path for me, / No it won’t be diamonds and gold, But maybe it will be / Someone who loves me, Someone who loves just me / To have and to hold.
Czech Lyrics Mesiku na nebi hlubokem Svetlo tve daleko vidi, Po svete bloudis sirokem, Divas se v pribytky lidi. Mesicku, postuj chvili reckni mi, kde je muj mily Rekni mu, stribmy mesicku, me ze jej objima rame, aby si alespon chvilicku vzpomenul ve sneni na mne. Zasvet mu do daleka, rekni mu, rekni m kdo tu nan ceka! O mneli duse lidska sni, at'se tou vzpominkou vzbudi! Mesicku, nezhasni, nezhasni! English Translation Moon, high and deep in the sky Your light sees far, You travel around the wide world, and see into people's homes. Moon, stand still a while and tell me where is my dear. Tell him, silvery moon, that I am embracing him. For at least momentarily let him recall of dreaming of me. Illuminate him far away, and tell him, tell him who is waiting for him! If his human soul is in fact dreaming of me, may the memory awaken him! Moonlight, don't disappear, disappear!
Gold is a fine thing / For those who admire it. Gold is like the sun, / But I am a child Of the moon, and silver / Is the metal of the moon. Secret-smiler, wrapped in wonder, / Floating in her cloudy magic, 'Tis the moon that mints her silver / In the deeps of darkened earth. All that's glowing, cool and tender / Has the feel of silver in it-- Silver is an infant's laughter, / Silver on the sage's brow, Silver on a moonlit river / Echoes the silver orb above. I am a child of the moon / And always Will adore her element, / Dreaming as I watch it gleam, I am mining heavenly ore./ Gold is the sun, But silver, silver lies hidden in the core of dreams.
Bed! Bed! I couldn't go to bed! / My head's too light to try to set it down! Sleep! Sleep! I couldn't sleep tonight! / Not for all the jewels in the crown! I could have danced all night! / I could have danced all night and still have begged for more. I could have spread my wings / And done a thousand things I've never done before. I'll never know What made it so exciting; / Why all at once my heart took flight. I only know when he began to dance with me I could have danced, danced, danced all night!
I'm nervous and upset because this man I've never met I get to meet tonight at eight. He's taking me to dinner at a charming old cafe, but who can eat tonight at eight? It's early in the morning, and our date is not till eight o'clock tonight, And yet already I can see what a nightmare this whole day will be. I haven't slept a wink, I only think Of our approaching tete-a-tete, Tonight at eight. I feel a combination of depression and elation; What a state! To wait till eight! Three more minutes, two more seconds, ten more hours to go! In spite of all I've written, he may not be very smitten, And my hopes, perhaps, may all collapse, Kaput--tonight at eight. I wish I knew exactly how I'll act and what will happen When we dine tonight at eight. I know I'll drop the silverware, but will I spill the water or the wine Tonight at eight? Tonight I'll walk right up and sit right down beside the smartest girl in town And then it's anybody's guess. More and more I'm breathing less and less! In my imagination I can hear our conversation Taking shape tonight at eight. I'll sit there saying absolutely nothing or I'll jabber like an ape Tonight at eight! Two more minutes, three more seconds, ten more hours to go! I'll know when this is done, if something's ended or begun, And if it goes all right, who knows? He might propose!
Tonight 02:03
Tonight, tonight won’t be just any night. / Tonight there will be no morning star. Tonight, tonight I’ll see my love tonight / And for us stars will stop where they are. Today the minutes seem like hours / The hours go so slowly and still the sky is light. Oh moon, grow bright / And make this endless day, endless night. Tonight! Goodnight, goodnight. . Sleep well and when you dream, dream of me. Tonight!
In the still of the night / As I gaze from my window At the moon in its flight / My thoughts all stray to you In the still of the night / All the world is in slumber All the times without number / Darling when I say to you Do you love me, as I love you / Are you my life to be, my dream come true Or will this dream of mine fade out of sight / Like the moon growing dim, on the rim of the hill In the chill, still, of the night.
Moon Medley 08:44
Somewhere there's music How faint the tune Somewhere there's heaven How high the moon There is no moon above When love is far away too Till it comes true That you love me and I love you Somewhere there's music It's where you are Somewhere there's heaven How near, how far The darkest night would shine If you would come to me soon Until you will, how still my heart How high the moon # Say it's only a paper moon Sailing over a cardboard sea But it wouldn't be make-believe If you believed in me Yes, it's only a canvas sky Hangin' over a muslin tree But it wouldn't be make-believe If you believed in me Without your love It's a honky tonk parade Without your love It's a melody played in a penny arcade It's a Barnum and Bailey world Just as phony as it can be But it wouldn't be make-believe If you believed in me # Once upon a time Before I took up smiling I hated the moonlight! Shadows of the night That poets find beguiling Seemed flat as the noonlight With no one to stay up for I went to sleep at ten Life was a bitter cup For the saddest of women Blue moon you saw me standing alone Without a dream in my heart Without a love of my own Blue moon You knew just what I was there for You heard me saying a pray'r for Someone I really could care for And then there suddenly appeared before me The only one my arms will ever hold I heard somebody whisper "Let me love you" And when I looked, the moon had turned to gold! Blue moon! Now I'm no longer alone Without a dream in my heart Without a love of my own # Moon river, wider than a mile I'm crossing you in style some day Oh dream-maker, you heart-breaker Wherever you're going, I'm going your way Two drifters off to see the world There's such a lot of world to see We're after the same rainbow's end Waiting 'round the bend, my huckleberry friend Moon river and me
Stardust 03:38
And now the purple dusk of twilight time / Steals across the meadows of my heart High up in the sky the little stars climb / Always reminding me that we're apart You wandered down the lane and far away / Leaving me a song that will not die Love is now the stardust of yesterday / The music of the years gone by Sometimes I wonder why I spend the lonely night dreaming of a song The melody haunts my reverie And I am once again with you / When our love was new And each kiss an inspiration / But that was long ago Now my consolation / Is in the stardust of a song Beside a garden wall / When stars are bright You are in my arms / The nightingale tells his fairy tale A paradise where roses bloom Though I dream in vain/ In my heart it will remain My stardust melody, the memory of love's refrain.
Would you like to swing on a star? / Carry moonbeams home in a jar? And be better off than you are? . Or would you rather be a mule? A mule is an animal with long, funny ears / He kicks up at anything he hears His back is brawny and his brain is weak / He's just plain stupid with a stubborn streak And, by the way, if you hate to go to school / You may grow up to be a mule Or would you like to swing on a star? / Carry moonbeams home in a jar? And be better off than you are? / Or would you rather be a pig? A pig is an animal with dirt on his face / His shoes are a terrible disgrace He's got no manners when he eats his food / He's fat and lazy and extremely rude But if you don't care a feather or a fig / You may grow up to be a pig Or would you like to swing on a star? / Carry moonbeams home in a jar? And be better off than you are? / Or would you rather be a fish? A fish won't do anything but swim in a brook / He can't write his name or read a book To fool all the people is his only thought / Though he's slippery, he still gets caught But then if that sort of life is what you wish / You may grow up to be a fish And all the monkeys aren't in a zoo / Every day you meet quite a few So you see, it's all up to you / You can be better than you are You could be swingin' on a star!
When a star is born, they possess a gift or two One of them is this, they have the power to make a wish come true. When you wish upon a star / Makes no difference who you are Anything your heart desires / Will come to you If your heart is in your dream / No request is too extreme When you wish upon a star / As dreamers do Fate is kind / She brings to those to love The sweet fulfillment / Of their secret longing Like a bolt out of the blue/ Fate steps in and sees you through When you wish upon a star / Your dreams come true
Stars shining bright above you / Night breezes seem to whisper "I love you" Birds singing in the sycamore trees / Dream a little dream of me Say nighty-night and kiss me / Just hold me tight and tell me you'll miss me While I'm alone and blue as can be / Dream a little dream of me Stars fading but I linger on dear / Still craving your kiss I'm longing to linger till dawn dear / Just saying this Sweet dreams till sunbeams find you / Sweet dreams that leave all worries behind you But in your dreams whatever they be / Dream a little dream of me


released December 15, 2015




Jacqueline Novikov Boston, Massachusetts

Soprano Jacqueline Novikov, founder of Forma Music, is dedicated to entertaining and educating audiences through classical vocal music. She uses music's powerful language to express life's humorous, serious, mundane and sacred truths. Jacqueline holds a B.M. from the Eastman School of Music in Rochester, NY and a M.M. from Manhattan School of Music in New York City. ... more

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