Monica’s Waltz

from by Jacqueline Novikov



from The Medium by Gian Carlo Menotti


Bravo! And after the theatre, supper and dance.
Music! Ooom pah pah, oom pah pah...

Up in the sky, someone is playing a trombone and a guitar.
Red is your tie, and in your velveteen coat, you hide a star.
Monica, Monica, dance the waltz
Monica, Monica, dance the waltz
Follow me, moon and sun
Keep time with me, one two three one.

If you're not shy, pin up my hair with your star and buckle my shoe.
And when you fly, please hold on tight to my waist
I'm flying with you, oh...
Monica, Monica, dance the waltz
Monica, Monica, dance the waltz
Follow me, moon and sun
Follow me, follow follow me
Follow me, follow follow me.

What is the matter, Toby?
What is it you want to tell me?
Kneel down before me.
And now tell me...

Monica monica, can't you see
that my heart is bleeding, bleeding for you?
I loved you Monica all my life
with all my breath, with all my blood.
You haunt the mirror of my sleep, you are my night.
You are my light and the jailer of my day.

How dare you scoundrel talk to me like that!
Don't you know who I am?
I'm the queen of Aroundel!
I shall have you put in chains!

You are my princess, you are my queen
and I'm only Toby, one of your slaves.
And still I love you and always loved you
with all my breath, with all my blood!
I love your laughter, I love your hair.
I love your deep and nocturnal eyes.
I love your soft hands, so white and winged.
I love the slender branch of your throat.

Toby! Don't speak to me like that...
You make my head swim.

Monica, Monica, fold me in your satin gown.
Monica, Monica, give me your mouth
Monica, Monica, fall in my arms!

Why, Toby... You're not crying, are you?
Toby, I want you to know... that you have the most beautiful voice...
in the world.


from What’s in a Name, released May 1, 2012
Jacqueline Novikov (soprano)
Sarah E. Wheeler (piano)




Jacqueline Novikov Boston, Massachusetts

Soprano Jacqueline Novikov, founder of Forma Music, is dedicated to entertaining and educating audiences through classical vocal music. She uses music's powerful language to express life's humorous, serious, mundane and sacred truths. Jacqueline holds a B.M. from the Eastman School of Music in Rochester, NY and a M.M. from Manhattan School of Music in New York City. ... more

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